Michael Krikheli October 31, 2022

Introducing Our Embedded Performance QA Tool for Evaluating Claims Adjusters’ Performance

Our new Performance QA tool offers claims leaders a streamlined, data-driven way to monitor and evaluate adjusters’ job performance.

Tirtza Bensoussan October 6, 2022

Claims Management Just Got More Efficient and Flexible for TPAs

We just launched a new set of no-code tools for third-party administrators, making it easy for them to configure and customize our platform for their clients.

Michael Krikheli September 21, 2022

New Reports & Dashboards Help You Make the Most of Your Claims Data

Our newest module helps you both to identify big-picture trends and to drill down into your claims data. Here’s what you need to know.

Michael Krikheli August 15, 2022

Just Launched: 2 APIs for Integrating Our Tech with Policy and Payment Platforms

By adding convenient ways for our claims management solution to communicate with third-party platforms, the new APIs make our technology even more versatile.

Michael Krikheli June 22, 2022

Introducing Our New No-Code Notifications Builder

Five Sigma’s solution is the only CMS on the market that lets users create, manage, and view all system notifications with no need for coding.

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