Tirtza Bensoussan November 29, 2022

Keeping the Catastrophe out of Catastrophe Claims

As the insurance industry faces increasing losses from natural catastrophes, see how the right claims system can help you handle sudden influx and large volume of claims.

Oded Barak November 10, 2022

Our CEO’s 4 Key Takeaways from Connected Claims USA 2022

Even when you’re there to share your expertise, industry events can be a valuable learning experience. Here’s what our CEO saw at Connected Claims USA 2022.

Tirtza Bensoussan November 9, 2022

Bringing Pet Insurance to Heel with Intelligent Claims Management

Discover how an intelligent claims management solution enables pet insurers to increase adjusting efficiency, improve accuracy, optimize decision-making, enhance customer satisfaction, and more.

Michael Krikheli October 31, 2022

Introducing Our Embedded Performance QA Tool for Evaluating Claims Adjusters’ Performance

Our new Performance QA tool offers claims leaders a streamlined, data-driven way to monitor and evaluate adjusters’ job performance.

Tirtza Bensoussan October 24, 2022

Raising the Bar with Intelligent Claims Management

Intelligent claims management software imports, collects, stores, and updates all data, including claims-related communication in one database.

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