Five Sigma brings claims organizations to the future of claims resolution


Five Sigma brings claims organizations to the future of claims resolution

The claims platform that enables carriers to embrace innovation faster.

Five Sigma set out on a mission to allow claims organizations to innovate. With the set of claims management tools and unique platform, Five Sigma's suite is what Insurers need to bring their claims operation to the rapidly changing world.

Five Sigma Benefits

Enable adjusters and management to enhance claims resolution

Better & Faster Claims Resolution

Enhanced Customer Experience

Always Compliant

Improve Performance Management & Visibility

Continuously Improving

Lower TCO

Reporting and Data

Our Products

With our suite of Claims-First Cloud-Native and User-Centric products, we enable adjusters to handle claims better and faster. With Automating administrative tasks, Adjusters can focus on making the right decisions, while the system takes care of everything else.

In-System Omni-Channel Communication

Full end-to-end claims management

Automatic workflows

Weeks to deploy instead of months

Automatic reserve opening and claim triaging. 

On-going upgrades

Easy integration

Full end-to-end suite for claims management with in-system omni-channel communication platform, automated documentation, automated workflows, reporting and open APIs. Go live in weeks with the state of the art claims management platform.

In-System Omni-Channel Communication

Dynamic screens and questionnaires

Open-APIs for easy integration

Weeks to deploy instead of months

Automatic reserve opening and claim triaging. 

On-going upgrades

First notice of loss is a critical point for claims management. Take control of claims handling from the first moment and allow all your partners to report a loss using a variety of methods.

Five Sigma claims platform as a service re-imagines the implementation process.

With the unique SaaS offerings and agile methodology, Five Sigma's solutions are deployed in weeks instead of months and with weekly upgrades, we enable carriers to continuously improve claims operations.

Make sure your claims organization is never left behind with the Five Sigma claims management platform.

Selected Clients

Penny Hart President, TSC Direct

“Five Sigma has made the claims handling experience better for the adjuster, insured and vendor. It is much more efficient, faster, easier and better.“

Travis Phifer Head of Claims (2019-2020), Kin

“The Five Sigma Solution is the best in the market. It made the entire claim handling experience better for the adjuster. The integration and implementation was fast, user friendly, and simple.

Chris Wells MunicRe Digital Partners, North America

Five Sigma’s CMS is the best
we’ve seen.
Its level of functionality , workflows, flexibility and configurability is exactly what we were looking for."


Qover partners with cloud-native platform Five Sigma to scale superior claims experience in-house

Qover sets up a robust in-house technology-led claims management structure with Five Sigma’s end-to-end claims handling workflow for rapid and efficient processing of claims, enabling an enhanced digital experience for its partners and end-customers.


Hippo selects Five Sigma to scales its claims services with automation

Hippo selects Five Sigma to scale its claims services with a machine learning based reserving module. Read more to learn how the Five Sigma tehcnology helps carriers optimize their processes with automation and deliver exceptional customer experience.


Cloud-Native, AI-Enabled Claims Management Platform

CEO Oded Barak in a discussion with the insuretech israel community about how cloud native AI enabled claims management platforms can transform the insurance industry.

12, AUG 2020

Five Sigma selected as one of the top claims processing and management companies in 2020 by insurance CIO outlook.

Five Sigma was selected as one of the top claims processing and management companies by insurance CIO outlook. Read the great interview with Oded Barak Five Sigma CEO to learn more about how Five Sigma delivers a true next-generation claims management platform.

12, AUG 2020

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website

The Five Sigma team has launched its new website and is excited to share its new look. We were on a mission to better explain our story and mission. We also wanted to show the different products that Five Sigma has to offer and their benefits to claims organizations worldwide. We are happy to share our new and clean design that was the result of a long and thoughtful rebranding process.


Here at Five Sigma we have always taken security very seriously and use the secure by design approach

The report presents the security methodology and controls by Five Sigma's management and Ernst & Young assessment of the implementation of these controls across the organization.

We are proud to announce that our SOC2 Type 2 Report is complete and available for customers and prospects.The assessment was conducted by independent auditors, Ernst & Young, who specialize in compliance across industries.

Funded by top tier investors

Who Are We?

Based in the US and Israel, Five Sigma provides an E2E SaaS Claims platform to insurers with a World-Class team which combines symbiotically deep claims domain & technology expertise with a proven track record

Oded Barak
Co-Founder & CEO
Dror Sholomon
Co-Founder and VP R&D
Michael Krikheli
Co-Founder and CTO
Kevin Yoo
Chief Operating Officer

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