Michael Krikheli January 19, 2023

New Claims Launchpad Lets You Get Your Claims Operation Up and Running Rapidly

We are excited to introduce the Five Sigma Claims Launchpad, a new setup wizard making it even easier and faster to start managing claims with our technology.

Tirtza Bensoussan January 11, 2023

Cyber Insurance: How to Successfully Manage Cyber Claims

Discover how an intelligent claims management solution enables cyber insurance companies to successfully respond to and manage cyber claims, to mitigate the impact of a cyber loss.

Michael Krikheli January 4, 2023

Insurance Claims Software for 2023: New Types of Coverage Call for New Claims Technology

The insurance landscape is changing quickly. To keep up, insurers and insurtechs need AI-powered software that will continue evolving along with their needs.

Tirtza Bensoussan December 21, 2022

Survey: 4 Out of 5 Insurance Execs Say It Takes More Than 30 Days to Close a Claim

Our recent survey of senior insurance executives sheds light on the state of claims management and the use of innovative tech. Here’s a look at our key findings.

Tirtza Bensoussan December 15, 2022

FNOL: Optimizing the Claims Process Starts

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) is the initial report to an insurance provider following the loss, theft or damage of an insured asset. Here’s what insurers should consider to optimize claims FNOL and ensure customer loyalty.

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