We’ve Partnered with One Inc to Offer Built-in Payment Processing

Five Sigma’s integration with One Inc will enable our customers to send and receive payments directly through our claims management solution.

While we at Five Sigma pride ourselves on helping claims adjusters make well-informed decisions quickly and efficiently, we also recognize that their work involves not only making those decisions, but also following through on them.

And following through often requires the logistical work involved in paying claimants.

That’s why we are so excited to announce our new partnership with One Inc. With the launch of this partnership, we are introducing incoming and outgoing payment processing right through our claims management solution (CMS). This way, our customers can use our platform both to disburse payments and to receive premiums.

One Inc is a nationally recognized digital payments provider focused exclusively on the insurance industry. With an emphasis on security, speed, and the user experience, One Inc offers its customers based in the U.S. a variety of convenient payment methods.

Making our CMS even more comprehensive

Through our out-of-the-box integration with One Inc, we’re making our solution even more robust and user-friendly –  and helping our customers boost their efficiency in order to reduce their costs.

In addition to providing an easy and convenient mechanism for paying out on a claim after reaching a settlement, this step enables our customers to streamline the process of receiving premiums, increasing the efficiency of their incoming payments as well as their outgoing ones.

Meanwhile, this new partnership helps the insurance providers we work with to provide a top-notch experience in order to retain their policyholders, offering frictionless ways for the insured to both pay their premiums and receive any disbursements they are entitled to.

For more on our partnership with One Inc and what the integration of our solutions offers our customers, check out our press release.

Dana Poleg
Dana Poleg is the CMO at Five Sigma, A leader in SaaS Claims Management. Prior to Five Sigma Dana was the VP of Marketing at Kaltura (Nasdaq - KLTR), where she was instrumental in revolutionizing the way the company targets potential target customers, as well as greatly expand the company’s global reach. Before arriving to Kaltura Dana was head of Demand Generation at Big-Data software company NICE (Nasdaq - NICE). Dana holds an MBA from the University of Jerusalem, and a certificate in Strategy and Sales from Harvard Business School. She is a mother of three and is enthusiastic about paddle boarding and kayaking.
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