Five Sigma Selected by Travel Insurer Faye to Power Its Claims Management

With this exciting partnership, the 100% digital travel insurance provider will use our claims management solution to deliver a top-notch customer experience.

We are thrilled to announce that travel insurance provider Faye has selected Five Sigma to power Faye’s claims management. Our new partnership means that going forward, claims filed with Faye will be handled through our intelligent claims management solution (CMS).

Faye, a fully digital provider of travel insurance, offers whole-trip coverage that can be purchased conveniently from its app or website. In addition to providing excellent protection, Faye offers 24/7 assistance and quick claims resolutions and reimbursements. Through its innovative technology and focus on the customer experience, Faye focuses on raising the bar for customer experience within the travel insurance industry.

By working with Five Sigma, Faye will simplify the entire process of filing claims, delivering a top-notch experience to Faye’s customers.

Why Five Sigma?

A fellow insurtech company, Faye chose Five Sigma largely for our innovative approach to offering a better experience to the end user, while streamlining claims processing for Faye’s claims team. With Five Sigma under the hood, Faye will build on the levels of customer service and coverage on which the company prides itself.

This partnership will let Faye tap into the power of Five Sigma’s end-to-end digital claims management suite. Using claims data to make claims management more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly, our CMS offers just-in-time guidance and recommended next steps to help each claims adjuster optimize their performance. It also includes configurable, automated workflows and an embedded omni-channel platform for communicating with customers, as well as third-party integrations and open APIs.

With this new step, we are excited to partner up with Faye to bring data-driven innovation to the travel insurance industry’s claims management, much like we do for home and auto insurance.

For more on Faye and how we’re working together, check out our press release.

Dana Poleg CMO, Five Sigma
Dana Poleg is the CMO at Five Sigma, A leader in SaaS Claims Management. Prior to Five Sigma Dana was the VP of Marketing at Kaltura (Nasdaq - KLTR), where she was instrumental in revolutionizing the way the company targets potential target customers, as well as greatly expand the company’s global reach. Before arriving to Kaltura Dana was head of Demand Generation at Big-Data software company NICE (Nasdaq - NICE). Dana holds an MBA from the University of Jerusalem, and a certificate in Strategy and Sales from Harvard Business School. She is a mother of three and is enthusiastic about paddle boarding and kayaking.
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